🍪 Cookie Policy


Your privacy is very important which is why this website doesn't use any cookies!

What cookies do you use?

No cookies at all! This website is completely crumb and cookie free so your privacy remains safe.

How am I trying to protecting your privacy?

I am always looking for ways to protect your privacy. These are a couple of services that I have switched to which don’t use any tracking cookies at all.

Plausible Analytics

Analytics help me understand what blog posts are doing well so I can write more of what you like and less of what you don’t like. It is also helpful to know what site brought you here so I know where to focus my marketing efforts.

What I don’t need to know is your interests, gender, age and what city you are from. Google Analytics tracks a lot of information about you that I don’t really care for but Google is interested in. Because Google Analytics is free it is the default analytics app that people put on their site. In return for a free tool, Google gathers all the data it likes about your visitors without them knowing.

This is why I have opted to use Plausible.io. All the data is anonymous and no cookies are set. You can read more about their privacy-focused design on their website.


I used to use Disqus on this site but again it is another big corporation that is interested in gathering user data for advertising purposes. Therefore I have switched my comments system to Giscus which is heavily inspired by utterances and uses GitHub discussions to allow you to comment on the site.